Perfectly Practical #218 - Dishrags in the Fridge

A quick tip on how to use those old, dingy, and possibly holey dishrags:  use them as shelf and drawer liners in the fridge.

I truly don't mind cleaning house.  I find it rather therapeutic actually.*
But of all the tidying tasks, the one I absolutely loathe doing is cleaning the fridge.  >Shudders...<

Cleaning the fridge is a necessary evil.   And like other evil things (such as envy and fat free ice cream), I try to avoid it as much as possible.

In an effort to lengthen the amount of time that lapses between cleanings, I attempt to employ as many techniques, tips, and tricks as I can.

This is where old dishrags come in and save the day.  I use them as shelf liners.

It makes my life infinite simpler to remove a dishrag that has soaked up some fridge spillage than to scrub said spillage from the shelf itself.

If nothing else, it dramatically cuts down on the amount of my time standing there cleaning with the door open.  So really, using old dishrags saves energy...which saves money...which makes your husband happy...which compels him to buy you new shoes.

There you have it.
Bottom line is using old dishrags leads to a new pair of shoes.
Hmmmm....I wonder why Engineer hasn't figured out this correlation yet?....

This is part of WFMW.

*Not in an obsessive way, in a I-sure-do-like-sleeping-on-clean-sheets way.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't know how clever it is...creatively lazy might be a better term. ;)

  2. Now this ... I never thought of!


    I usually pass off the rags to my husband for his woodshop ...


    1. Many of our old towels go to Engineer's work rags as well. :)

  3. SO SMART! Somehow I forget to look in the vegetable bin and something gets mushy and makes a mess. I'm definitely doing this! Thanks for the tip.


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