Last Sunday we said goodbye to our guests (Engineer's parents) who had come up for his Grandma's emergency surgery.

Not much of note happened last week.

One thing a bit different was that we had a substitute instructor for our PiYo (Pilates/Yoga) class Wednesday.  I am often the youngest student in the class of all women and the average age is probably late 40s early 50s.  So when the 20-something muscle bound fella walked in and announced he was standing in for our regular instructor, you could feel the trepidation in the room.  I tell you what though, if you want a bunch of ladies in the late summer to autumn of their lives to really crank up their performance in an exercise class, get a young guy to teach it.  I'm not sure any of us women had ever worked so hard in that class.  Consequently, I'm not sure any of us had ever been so sore afterwards either...

It was another broken week.
Diva had a snow day on Thursday and proceeded to make the most of a relaxing day.

Our week was fairly slow-going from there.
Diva had friends to spend the night on Friday and we had neighbors over for supper.

Because of all of the crazy weather, we've had to do our front flower bed a little at the time.  We took advantage of the sunny day Saturday and completed it.  Woo-hoo!
One project down...many more outdoor projects to go.
It keeps life interesting.

We concluded our week by going out with friends on Saturday.

This week we will be eating:

Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - Lemony Dill Fish, Veggies, & Rice (didn't get to this last week)
Tuesday - Coffee-Rubbed Skirt Steak, Baked Potatoes, & Salad
Wednesday - Shepherd's Pie & Salad
Thursday - Sausage & Peppers
Friday - Anniversary Date Night
Saturday - Dinner w/Friends

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