Madly in Love

Engineer wakes me with a kiss every morning - another reason why I'm madly in love with him.

Wives of male comics are set fodder.  Sorry ladies, that's how it goes.
As women in the audience, we still laugh at the comedians' jokes because we relate to the situations.  We recognize that they are humorous in their truth even though they are illogical.

The subject of women waking from dreams is an oldie but goodie and always rouses a laugh.  Most of the time, the funny man questions how his wife can wake up mad at him as a result of her dream.  This morning, Engineer was on the receiving end of illogical emotions from a dream; not anger, but sadness.

Engineer's good morning kiss interrupted a bad dream and I told him as much.
He asked what had happened in the dream.
I said that he left me.
He kissed me softly and replied between kisses, "I'm right here...and I'm not going anywhere."

1-4-3 EM because you are right here.


  1. Annoyingly Cute :) ....married to an attorney, the son of an engineer, here so I understand completely

  2. <3 I might have given a whistful little sigh at there at the end :) My hubs is on the road again and I miss his morning kisses. Sounds like you've definitely got one of the Good Ones! :)

    1. I feel blessed every day to be his wife Ms. Jennifer. :)


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