Madly in Love

Intermittently between the Sleetmagedden episodes and all of the rain, Engineer and I have been able to work on the yard.

Engineer takes his wireless speaker outside, cranks up the classic rock, and goes to town.

How the man knows every lyric to every hair band tune I will never know.
Not only does he know the words but he will sing along in his best Sammy Haggar falsetto to every. single. tune.

I'm sure this is to the amusement or perhaps, to the disdain of our neighbors.

And what is a rock anthem without a face melting guitar solo?
Nothing, that's what.

At the appointed moment, Engineer will pick up whatever is handiest and air guitar the heck out of the tool.
His fingers will finesse that shovel like he is wielding his axe to the pleasure of the gods of rock and roll.

If you happen to be driving around our neighborhood and see that we are out in the yard, just know if you stick around awhile, you'll not only get to see the transformation of the flower beds, you'll also get a show in the process.

1-4-3 EM!  You are my rock star!


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