Madly in Love

Roses from The Little Pink House's garden

Sit back and let me tell you a tale.  It's the tale of why I don't get roses for Valentine's Day.

I'm sure every woman has experienced receiving roses from their beloved at least once on Valentine's Day.  And for this woman, I mean literally once.

It was Valentine's 1998, we had been dating for a while and I had received roses by the dozens for various occasions up to that point.  Engineer called the florist just as he had done so many times before, knowing how much they cost.  

Well, he knew how much they cost anytime other than Valentine's Day.

When he got the total of what they were going to cost, he declared from that year on, he would no longer buy me roses for Valentine's Day.

Which was a bummer...because I love roses.

Fast forward to February 14, 2015.

Engineer, true to form, did not buy me a dozen roses.  

Instead, he bought me fourteen roses - that is to say, rose bushes.  
He then spent weeks clearing out the flower beds, ridding them of shrubbery (often in the rain) and planting my favorite flowers.

You can see the bench Engineer made for me out of my baby bed
in the background
He threw in a few azaleas, a camellia, and a couple of gardenias for good measure.  

1-4-3 EM because you have given me an infinite supply of roses.


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