We were discussing our 2015 Family Goals (we don't do resolutions) and I said that I wanted to find a church home in 2015.  Engineer modified it by saying he just wanted us to have regular church attendance.  We tried a large church on Sunday and were surprised by our reactions to it.  It was not what we expected - that's neither a good or bad thing, just a surprising one.

Engineer's Step-Grandparents have moved into an assisted living home here in the SBC so we have made it a point to visit them once a week.

We had lunch out thanks to a gift card from Christmas (love those) then headed home for naps.  What a great day!

Diva's friend and her friend's dog spent the night Sunday night.  I think the girls were very warm since there was a literal dog pile on top of them.  Three dogs can crank out A LOT of heat!

No school on Monday.  Engineer unfortunately did not have the day off.  I really enjoy it when he is off from work.  It's nice spending time together...even if it means we are running around doing errands.

We visited a couple of gyms (finally) to see which is the one we want to join.  It has taken us this long to get settled into a modest routine where we could fit in gym time.  The scale and our pants were begging us to get back to exercising.

Tuesday, everybody was back to their respective jobs.  We have decided that although we love Diva's orthodontist in Marshall, that is just too far to drive for an appointment.  We talked with a local orthodontist and will be starting Phase 2 with them.

The Notre Dame choir was singing at the beautiful new Catholic church down the road from us so of course, we had to go listen.  It was as glorious as expected.  Beautiful architecture and beautiful music; what a way to glorify God!

Diva started back with Robotics practice in preparation for their next competition in February.

We went to an estate sale as a family.  It wasn't so much an estate sale as a movie lot clearance.  The SBC has tried to make itself "The Hollywood of the South" and has done a decent job of it.  Several blockbusters as well as smaller films have been filmed around here.  The SBC's own Moonbot Studios won an Oscar for one of their short films.

There was a movie shot here about Hank Williams (it wrapped in December) and the studio was selling all of the set dressing.  It was a warehouse full of mid century coolness.

As part of her Christmas list, Diva asked for a day spent with just the three of us.  She wanted to go to her favorite used book store and Starbucks.  We had a lovely relaxed day.  Sometimes it's good to disconnect from everything else and just be with the ones you love in a bookstore.

Our menu this week:

Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - Sausage & Biscuits w/Gravy, Eggs, & Fruit
Tuesday - Big Salad
Wednesday - Blackened Sea Bass over Jambalaya w/Cabbage
Thursday - Pinto Beans, Greens, & Cornbread
Friday - Lasagna & Salad
Saturday - Leftovers

This is part of MPM.


  1. The estate sale sounds cool! When I lived in LA, I loved to browse the movie castoff stores :)

    1. The estate was cool! It was my first movie sale and I look forward to future ones. :)


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