This week it is full steam ahead.
No, really.
All cliches "The time is nigh," "it's crunch time," "put the pedal to the metal,""it's go time," etc. are entirely appropriate in regards to the upcoming week.

Last week was a blur of meetings and house prep and baking and gift giving and visiting with friends but with Engineer out of town on business, all of those things I didn't want to do dragged on slowly and the things I enjoyed doing went by too quickly.  

This week our sweet friend Georgia is coming to stay with us for Christmas.  She is currently studying at a university in Chicago on an exchange program from a university in Canterbury.  Her family is so very dear to us.  We lived in the same village in England.  I cannot tell you how much we are looking forward to spending some time with this young lady.  She is awesome.  On her previous visit to us several years ago, I tried to convince her to stay and be our au pair.  She felt like getting a degree might be more useful and important for her future.  Maybe so...

Let's look at how far I've gotten on the preparation check list for her visit, shall we?

Do I have a menu plan yet for the duration of her stay?  No.
Do I have a schedule for her visit?  Nope.
Have I done all of the necessary shopping, grocery or otherwise, in anticipation of her visit?  Nuh-uh.
Is her room totally ready to receive a guest? Not yet.

And what about all other Christmas prep?

Caroling party organized?  No comment.
New Year's Day party sorted?  Um...
Presents all bought and wrapped?  Not quite.

What the heck am I doing writing?  I've got to get on the ball!

I hope that your week is calm and bright!

This week we will be eating:

Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - Pumpkin & Sausage Pasta
Tuesday - Antipasto Salad
Wednesday - Trout Fillets & Salad
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Dinner w/Friends
Saturday - Dinner w/Friends

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