Madly in Love

See that?

That is the fulfillment of my lifelong dream...or at least the fulfillment of an as-long-as-I've-known-there-were-cheese-hats-in-the-world dream.

I mean, c''s a's a hat...that's the stuff dreams are made of!  

Engineer was in Wisconsin last week at a seminar.

Of course I begged asked him to bring me one back with him.
It was no small feat either.  He asked why would I want one.'s a cheeeeeese hat!  That's why!

It was this statement he made that really tickled me:

"But if I get you a cheese hat, you'll wear it to church!"*

Touche my love.  Fair point.  You know me so well.  

1-4-3 EM!

For the record, I do believe that cheese is divinely inspired and therefore would be perfectly acceptable headwear in the eyes of the Lord.  I will however refrain from wearing it in a service out of respect for you and the folks behind me in the pew.