Madly in Love

Three of Diva's friends have been here for several days now for what we have called "Bestie Fest."

I cannot tell you how good it does this Momma's heart to hear nearly non-stop giggles...even if they are at 3am.

These girls don't live in the same city.
They do not go to the same school.
The darlings are not even all the same age.
One of the girls had never even met the other two friends before Saturday.

They have played cards and board games, eaten junk food (sorry Moms) made brownies, taken the dogs for a walk, sung songs, helped me with Christmas cards, had ongoing discussions about books, and watched movies.  Lots and LOTS of movies.

I have watched as the shier of the girls have come out of their shells a bit.
I have seen my own child as her friends see her.
I have soaked up every scrumptious moment because, let's face it, I only have a precious few years left before my little girl is out of the house.

These young ladies came here hardly knowing one another or not knowing each other at all only to be leaving today as friends.

I am madly in love with the fact that Diva has deep and rich and true friendships with other like-minded girls.

1-4-3 DM!