Last week was spent preparing for guests...that ended up cancelling last minute.  Well, at least my floors got super clean.  :)

The week went along as per usual (other than the scrubbing floors on hands and knees thing) until we hit the weekend.

We took Diva & her friend that lives in the neighborhood over to Shreveport for Movies & Moonbeams in a park.  We packed a picnic, our old dog Truffles, the girls, and off we went to watch "Frozen" for the umpteenth time.  The weather was perfect and it is always fun to watch movies outdoors.  We were surrounded by little girls in Elsa costumes who sang and danced to the music.  Our not-so-little girl joined in the singing.

Saturday night we had a totally new experience - we went to a roller derby.  Bossier City has a team called the Twin City Knockers.  If you are looking for something to do that's out of the ordinary, a roller derby definitely fits the bill.

My two week option-filled menu plan worked out pretty well.  Here it is again because I will be continuing on with the plan:

Sunday - Taquitos, Salad, Guacamole, Chips & Hotsauce
Monday - Baked Potatoes, Baked Beans, & Green Salad
Tuesday - Lee's Hot Tuna Buns, Classic Potato Salad, & Creamy Italian Salad
Wednesday - Mushroom Risotto, Garlicky Greens, & Baked Cheese Puffs
Thursday - Dinner w/Friends
Friday - Fish Sticks, Slaw, & Pea Salad
Saturday - Dinner w/Friends
Sunday - Nutty Cream Cheese Chicken, Apricot Salad, & Green Salad
Monday - Chili, Mexican Cornbread, & Salad
Tuesday - Marinated Chicken Greek Salad
Wednesday - Tuna Casserole, Steamed Carrots, & Green Salad
Thursday - Broccoli Rice Casserole & Wedge Salad
Friday - Sausage, Cornmeal Pancakes, Eggs, & Applesauce
Saturday - Enchiladas, Beans, & Rice

I ended up using last Monday as a prep day for some of the dishes.  That way it was even quicker and easier to have dinner on the table in a reasonable amount of time.

This is part of MPM.