Madly in Love

Engineer finished it!!!!!
He finished my bench.
The bench made from the baby bed that was my Dad's, then mine, then my brother's.
He finished it.  Oh. my. word.
I can hardly contain my excitement.

When we moved from The Little Pink House to Beloved Bayou, I carted three sides of a partially painted baby bed, some untreated lumber, and a frame from the back patio of one house to the back patio of the other house.  There may have been some amount of annoyance involved in moving the project in pieces...

But now, I no longer have pieces of an unfinished project laying around, I have a fully finished project on my front porch just waiting to receive visitors.

Engineer and I were talking today at lunch while watching DVRed "Rehab Addict" and the conversation went something like this:

Me: "We could totally do what she does."
Engineer: "No."
Me:  "Of course we could."
Engineer:  "I don't want to."
Me: "But we could..."
Engineer  "No we could not.  You see what she did there?  She did all of that major renovation work and was still going.  Cleaning and staging...yeah, no.  She's a finisher.  She finishes projects.  We aren't finishers so no, we couldn't do what she does."

Well Mr. Engineer, I hate to tell you but you are a finisher.
And I have the bench to prove it.

1-4-3 EM!  Now, I'm off to look at roached out crusty old houses that are falling apart so that we can restore them to their former glory.


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