Madly in Love

A sweet friend's son got married this past weekend.  He and his new wife are very young compared to today's average aged bride and groom.  

It seems practically controversial to get married young, and although each couple makes their own choice as to when they get married, I will always be partial to young couples.

Engineer and I got married when we were 20 & 21 years old - barely even adults.
Horrifying really, when I think about it.

I find it amazing that our parents let us make such a life altering decision that young.*   I know that we were {and still are} covered in grace and prayers and I am so very thankful that they didn't refuse to support our choice.

We were not finished with college.
We had no jobs.
We had no sense of reality.

Clearly, we were not the picture of perfect practicality that we are now....right?...
>Insert crickets chirping here.<
Ah hem...moving on...

What we did have going for us was that we were a.  completely in love b.  prepared to do whatever it took and c.  utterly optimistic that everything would work out.

I think our lack of life experience also meant less baggage and less stubbornness brought into the marriage.  (Engineer may respectfully refute that I have ever had less stubbornness.)

Because we were such young and tender twigs when we got married, we have grown together through the years.
Or maybe grafted is a better word.

Each day we grow closer and I fall in love with Engineer ever more truly, madly, and deeply.

Again, each couple's timing is different, but I am so very grateful that we found each other at a relatively young age.

The grown-up sensible me sees all of the hardships and potential pitfalls of getting married early in life.
But the hopelessly in love me, the me sitting here typing this now, cheers and champions and prays for young couples because I cannot even imagine what my life would have been without Engineer to share it with me.  

We wish the newly formed marriage all the best and encourage them to grow inward and upward.

1-4-3 EM you are my young love hurdling toward middle-aged love.  ;)

*It was not for a lack of trying to bring us a hefty dose of reality.


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