Madly in Love

One of our favorite shows on TV is Shark Tank.
We love seeing the ingenuity and creativity of the entrepreneurs and we almost always learn something from the investors.
We may even have one or two of the products seen on the show in use around Beloved Bayou.

The other night, one idea being pitched was for a mobile wedding service.  As in a one-stop shop van that comes to a location of one's choosing, hands the bride a bouquet, and officiates a wedding service out of the back of the van.  It's no wonder that this idea was a viable one in Las Vegas - the wedding capitol of America*.

While the guys pitched their idea, I could see Engineer's jaw starting to clinch.  At some point he muttered, "That is stupid."

He loves love.
He loves weddings.
He takes both very seriously.

Getting married on a whim from the back of a van seemed like such a flippant idea that it actually made him angry.

I love that he values the time and process put into the decision to get married.
That getting to know someone and making the decision to walk through life together forever and always, for better and for worse, takes more than a phone call and a van.

1-4-3 EM for being so protective of marriage.

*Las Vegas also happens to be the divorce capitol of case you were wondering.