Madly in Love

Not to be all Debbie Downer, but life at Beloved Bayou is okay.  I wouldn't say that it is better than life at The Little Pink House...yet.

The area is nice, the folks here have lovely Southern accents, I like our new house, Devon's new school is good, having Engineer's office five minutes from home is wonderful, and all in all, life is going well.  It's just not exciting or filled with activity.

There hasn't been much going on other than work or school, which occupies my peeps but leaves me at home piddling around.  There are only so many times you can clean out a drawer or closet, know what I mean?

Looking at it from the bright side, boredom fewer distractions have meant that I can focus on my family more.  Fewer commitments also mean less stress.  There is always a trade off in everything.

Engineer and I have always liked to laugh.  We find the same things funny and make each other laugh.  And even though I was not super excited about and slightly resistant to moving, we still have found lots to laugh about.

In fact, I would say that we laugh a lot more here than we did at The Little Pink House.  And when I say laugh, I mean true belly laughter.

The only reasons I can think that's the case are because there is less to worry about, less to focus on (other than each other) and generally, more time is spent together.   Nothing really is pulling us away from the house or our relationship.

Having few commitments strips away the layers of busyness, tiredness, grumpiness, and excuses and leaves us finding interest, or in many cases, comedy, in the smallest gestures.

How funny, er, um, odd, that we would have to move away from a busy life that I loved and was happy with to find such laughter in a quiet one.

We have yet to find our place, where we fit in here, but we have found much to laugh about with each other.

1-4-3 EM because you laugh with me all the time.


  1. Hope you find your place soon, but it's wonderful that you've already found the laughter :)


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