Summer Hats 2014

You may not believe this, but I have almost run out of spring/summer hats.


It's a good thing the season is over or else my head would be naked.  Maybe I can replenish my supply before next year.  ;)

Here's what I wore before the season was up:

This was another fabulous hatinator that I picked up while we were in England earlier this year.  I really do love the hatinators because they don't slip on my head.

I love this blue-gray quirky asymmetrical  feathered chapeau - another one I picked up in England.

Until I started loading all of the pictures for this post, I didn't realize that I had worn so many blue hats this summer.  This little vintage caplet came from an estate sale.

The fuchsia fascinator was the last of the recently purchased English hats.

I fell in love with the color and shape of this vintage pillbox when I saw it at an estate sale.  Again with the blue...I wonder if there is some sort of deep psychological reason for all of the blue?  Most likely, it is because those are what hats I had yet to wear.

My parents gave me this hat at Christmas one year.  It was an estate sale find.

The only hat Diva has worn this summer that hasn't been worn previously was this cutie patootie watermelon hat.

Here's to a less blue inspired autumn and the warm and fuzziness of cooler weather hats!

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  1. Replies
    1. It really is stunning. I am really liking that trend of the hatinator.

  2. Love this post! You have some beautiful hats. :)

  3. Love this! Were you a hat wearing woman before you lived in England or did you come to love them while living there? Where in the world do you find these wonderful creations?

    1. My love of hats runs deep. My Senior portraits I wore a hat with each wardrobe change. In England, people tend to wear hats only for weddings and now they are trending toward hatinators or facinators instead of the big gorgeous chapeaux. Saying that, there are shops dedicated to the rental of hats since they are rather expensive there (for the beautiful handmade ones) and most people only wear them once. I get given hats all the time from people who see them and think of me (thank you again to everyone who has ever given me a hat) I buy them at estate & garage sales, I buy a brand new Easter bonnet each year, I have bought from eBay once, and when in England, one MUST come home with a fabulous hat...or three. ;)


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