Madly in Love

Engineer is a straitlaced fellow.
He doesn't walk around in a smiley stupor like someone else in this household has been known to do...
Ah hem...

This is not to say that Engineer isn't happy, pleasant, or at the very least cordial, he just isn't what one might call jolly.

That being said, Engineer does have a certain twinkle in his eye that I adore.
When he's trying to be serious and I am smiling at him (as I tend to do when he is serious) he gets a faint upturn of the corner of his mouth and a very distinct flash in his eyes...which leads me to swoon.

1-4-3 EM and that gorgeous light in your eyes.


  1. LOVE! I have a somewhat serious husband as well. He's a CPA and working with other's finances can be stressful. I enjoy keeping things light for him at home! I do enjoy that twinkle too! Sometimes it takes me by surprise, but he has a good, kind and loving heart and loves God! That's all I need! How is the home church hunt going?

  2. What a sweet description of your other half! :) The hunt is still on.


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