Another church visited...still not the one.  I was stressed about finding one soon but now I am just sitting back and enjoying each church for how they further God's kingdom as a congregation.

It's really interesting to go to different services in different churches with different denominations.  Even the ones within the same denominations have some noticeable differences.

One thing that is the same in every church we've tried so far is that we stand out.  Sitting on the back row makes no difference when you are a young family in the traditional service (which starts early) and two-thirds of you are wearing hats.

Engineer and his workmate brewed another batch of beer.  Apparently he wanted to have an Oktoberfest brew ready when the time comes.  He also attended a local Homebrewers Association meeting.

I did a little dry canning and a little baking - nothing too exciting.

We had some new Bossier friends over to watch "The Goonies" as our summer of 80s movies winds down.

The next morning and one of our new Bossier friends and I went garage sale-ing where I managed to pick up a HUGE vintage rug (for FREE!) and an antique iron bedframe for a song.  It was a very successful shopping trip.

One of Diva's best friends and her family came over to spend the day Saturday.  It's always nice to catch up with that sweet family and I appreciate the role of Diva's friends in her life.

The biggest news is that Diva started at her new school.  She had a couple of setbacks but navigated the week well.

This week we are beginning to add some of the extra-curriculars into our schedule.

We will be eating:

Sunday - Fried Chicken & Salad
Monday - Chocolate Waffles, Bacon, & Strawberry Omelets
Tuesday - Duck Burritos w/Roasted Tomatillo Sauce & Black Beans
Wednesday - Hot Potato Salad & Franks, 5 Bean Salad, & Green Salad
Thursday - Stuffed Mushrooms Parmigiana, Spaghetti, & Salad
Friday - Dinner w/Family
Saturday - Leftovers

This is part of MPM.


  1. Your menus always sound so much better than mine. I'd much rather have chocolate waffles than 'breakfast'.

  2. What is dry canning? and what time is dinner tonight? Chocolate waffles - WOW!

    1. Dry canning is canning dry goods in the oven for long-term storage. It is pretty much my favorite thing. ;)

  3. Finding that perfect church is difficult. I went through the same thing, but when I found it, I knew it immediately.

  4. Seriously - chocolate waffles AND strawberry omelets??? I'm there! :)
    I also sympathize with struggling to find a new church home. It's tough...hang in there.


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