Madly in Love

Diva & I were getting her new glasses before she went off to camp.

She was trying on (seriously, I might add) the most hideous glasses that looked like they came off of Dustin Hoffman's face in "Tootsie" or John Heder's face from "Napoleon Dynamite."

She just kept posing in front of the mirror and saying confidently, "I could totally rock these" or "I could start a new trend!"


After settling on a couple of semi-normal frames, she and I sat in the waiting area next to another lady and were talking about the glasses she had been trying.  All of the sudden the lady next to us started giggling.

Diva and I continued our normal-ish conversation about her potential dorktastic frames.   More giggles from the lady.

Diva then announces that she thought she might bedazzle them, you know, to make them more of a statement.  Fit of laughter from lady next to us followed by a giggly, "So sorry."

I explained to Diva that the frames definitely make a statement, with or without bedazzlization.  The lady then was laughing so hard she could barely get the words out to say, "Y'all are too funny!  I love it!  Love it!"

All the while, I am texting Engineer from the store saying, "She said she wants these and will bedazzle them...I think she's serious."  He replies, "Well, it's her face,  I trust you."  After receiving the following photo, he texted back, "Trust revoked."

Y'all, when the child looks like this,

is serious about the glasses not making enough of a statement and therefore feels the need to tszuj them up, what else is there to do while waiting in the store than to walk through the conversation to see where it lands on the other side?

1-4-3 DM for entertaining everyone in the eyeglass store.  I love your confidence.

P.S.  No, we did not end up with the pictured glasses, bedazzled or otherwise.  We decided maybe another time...