Spring Hats 2014

Just in case you thought I had run out of hats to show you, never fear...there are more.  ;)

This spring season started like it always does - with a new Easter bonnet.  Surprisingly, this year it did not come from Dillard's.  Because of all the flux between moving, finishing the school year, and packing for our trip, I actually ordered my hat online.

The black & white polka dotted sunhat is what I wore to a Senior Party for some friends' daughters that I co-hostessed.  It was perfect with my polka dotted dress and no one needed to know that the hat came from a CVS 90% off summer clearance sale.

I picked up this purple straw fedora from a garage sale for $.50 I think.

This delicious hat was won from the fabulous Ms. Michelle over at Life on the Horizon.  It is a Belle of the Brazos creation and I love it!  I wore it to our going away soiree.  I had so many compliments as well as threats to steal it off of my head!

I picked this (white & gold) one up at a garage sale for pennies.

While in England,  we picked up several fascinators and hatinators (which are all the rage.) This cream one is actually Diva's.

Another fabulous blue feathered hatinator I picked up in England.

Here's what Diva has been wearing:

Easter bonnet 2014

Purple shiny cowgirl hat

Magenta fedora

This is part of WIWW.


  1. What a nice collection. I only have one...a straw hat I bought at Sea World to keep me cool, and had planned to use while summer gardening. But I can't find it anywhere! How do you loose a big, wide brimmed straw hat?

    1. My husband does the same thing. He inevitably forgets a hat and ends up buying one only to lose it somewhere. :)

  2. Oh gosh, for a second there I thought that was a real tiger!

    1. Sahara would be a very well behaved tiger, y'know, if she was real. :)

  3. Perfectly fabulous hats! Your desire for wearing hats must come from living in England for so long! Wish I could pull it off!

    1. You know Ms. Ronda, I have liked hats even before I we lived in England. Maybe it's because for the longest time, I didn't have hair so my Momma kpt me in bonnets as a baby. ;)


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