Perfectly Practical #204b - New House Check List Part 2

Empty entry hall in the new house on day 1

A few weeks ago, we looked at what needed to happen immediately after moving into a new home.

Once you've done what you can to settle into your new home, consider what you can do next to settle into your new community.

For example:

  •  Contact the local Chamber of Commerce/Tourist Bureau - see if they have a "welcome to the city" pack with coupons, maps, etc.  That is also your chance to find out local eateries, attractions, history, festivals, calendars of events, etc.
  • Find lawn maintenance folks - This only really applies if you have had a yard guy previously, have no lawn equipment yourself, and/or have a lawn (and if this is the case, you know how important a yard guy is.)  One sure fire way to annoy your neighbors is to let your lawn get out of control right off the bat.  Quite often, once a property is sold, fliers start coming through for various services/businesses that are available in your new area.  One of the most common is lawn service businesses.  Ask neighbors or your Realtor who they use.
  • Change address both on and off-line - Licenses, insurance documents, registrations, post office, online retailers that you frequent, all need to reflect your move.  That goes for vehicles, pets, voting, and anything else that requires that form of legal paperwork.
  • "We've moved" cards - This is to let your friends and colleagues know where to send your Christmas card...or at least update their address books.
  • Seek out a healthcare professionals/facilities - This goes for both the people and the pets in your household.  Most likely you will not be seeing your former healthcare professionals after your move.  Ask locals who they recommend, look on websites to see how they have been rated, but make sure you find doctors, dentists, vets, etc. in your new area.
  • Go to the library - The library has a wealth of knowledge available to you.  Many times, they keep a calendar of activities (programs, events, classes, etc.) and a list of organizations in the area.
  • Transfer memberships - Find out if clubs and organizations that you have been a member of have active chapters in your new area.  Your gym membership may even transfer.   
  • Talk to your neighbors - Ask them what church they go to, what restaurants they recommend, any streets to avoid, etc.  They will be some of your best and most honest opinion givers. 
  • Go grocery shopping - Familiarize yourself with the grocery store(s) where you plan to shop.  Spend some time finding the products you always buy and take in the products that maybe have not been available to you before.  (As a side note, we went to the grocery store for the first time a couple of weeks ago and found that they sell alligator and at least 5 different kinds of boudin!)  Make friends with the store, produce, and meat managers.  :)
  • Explore - Take your new found knowledge of the area and go out and immerse yourself in it.

Finished Entry Hall
And now that you've moved, you can plan a housewarming party inviting both old and new friends!

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  1. Changing my address is one of my least favorite parts of moving. Love the library and grocery store tips!

    1. Mine too Ms. Julie. The library is one of our favorite places. :)

  2. Awesome tips!! I still need to change my address..... :)

    1. It's hard to remember all of the places that have your address stored isn't it? Like store loyalty cards; I always forget about them.

  3. There really are so many things to do when you move. The list exhausted me!

  4. That's a great idea to go to the chamber of commerce to get coupons and ideas!

    1. Thanks! My Aunt works for a Chamber of Commerce and I know what a wealth of opportunity it is.

  5. Great tips! The library is one of the first places I go to when I move :)


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