This week was difficult.

We had the Hermans over for Mother's Day supper.  We watched Dancing with the Stars and ate our favorite pizza and were happy and sad.
The last time the Hermans were in our house it was full of life.  It was Christmastime and there was joy and laughter.  They hadn't yet received the call for transplant.
Days later, they received that call, just before our annual New Year's Day party which was abuzz with updates and prayers.

Kathleen and Anthony were then in a sort of suspension living at the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas for 3 months and they hadn't fully been hit with a cold dose of reality.  The reality that included us moving.

They had been to our new house to have dinner and watch a movie (this seems to be a theme within our friendship) but it didn't seem really real.  Our stuff wasn't all there, I mean, home is where the piano is and the piano wasn't there.

Sunday, they walked in to our nearly empty, once lively Little Pink House and it thrust them headlong into reality.  It swept me up as well since I had been soldiering on plowing ahead getting boxes packed and lunches coordinated and parties thrown.

When Kathleen walked in our sparse living room, littered with moving boxes and packing materials, I saw our move through her eyes and I hurt all over again.  Like I said, this week was difficult.

Their family and ours have shared many impromptu meals and lots of laughs around our table in the Little Pink House.  The very table that now sits in our new dining room.

Dining Room

Monday was Diva's last piano recital with her current studio.  Mrs. Salmi, her teacher, is wonderful and she and Diva share a special bond.  They both have been very teary the last few lessons.

Diva had an orthodontist appointment this week to determine the next phase of braces.  (Anyone else old enough to remember when you only had one phase of braces?)

The day of reckoning

On Friday, the movers came and took the last of the big stuff to the new house.  We have been living in both of the houses and will continue to do so until school is out.

Our dear sweet friends threw us a going away party Saturday night.  It was so incredibly thoughtfully put together which would not be a surprise if you knew the ladies hostessing the event.  It was a culmination of our time in Marshall.

Even the invitation had a picture of roses in a Mason jar on it as well as a reference to the Little Pink House.  When we arrived, we noticed the flower arrangements were like the invitations - roses in Mason jars.  It was perfect.

The lovely Anne (the French chef some of us girls take lessons from occasionally) catered the party.  Of course, the food was amazing (we even got to take home some leftovers!)

Friends from my school days as well as friends we have met since moving back from England were in attendance.

The girls and I sat around gabbing and eating and relishing our time together.  Although the Moppins family isn't moving that far, I won't be able to see the girls on a monthly, weekly, and some of us, near daily basis.  It was so nice to sit at the end of a really long table and see the beautiful faces of my brunch ladies, smiling, laughing, talking, and enjoying each other.

I don't know what the guys did, somehow or another, we all separated into guys and dolls.  I'm sure they had a cracking time as well.

This week will be a little helter-skelter since we have an extremely busy week coming up.
I am going to try my best to adhere to a plan.
Here is that plan:

Sunday - Dinner with family
Monday - Chili, Salad, & Cornbread
Tuesday - Vindaloo over Rice w/Salad
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Dinner with Friends

This is part of MPM.


  1. You had me at chili, salad and cornbread but I think I will top my salad w the chili! Oh yes!

    1. I am trying to finish up food from our freezer so it will be easier to clean out when we move for good. Chili & Cornbread is always a good supper to me too. :)

  2. Such an emotional week. I get so attached to places.

    1. Oh me too Ms. Talya! And this one is especially hard since it is my hometown and all my family is here.

  3. Moving is so hard :( Are you guys in Marshall, TX?

    1. It is indeed Ms. Kelli. :) Yes we are (for a couple more weeks anyway.) :)


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