Menu Plan

I FINALLY got to go play in the dirt at our new house.  Yea!

Pictures of people's gardens kept popping up on Facebook and it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep the green confined to thumbs and not envy.

We laid out our garden, dug up some dead stuff, planted some new stuff, and generally stayed mucky all weekend.  It made me a very happy girl.

And what a weekend it was to be outside all day digging in the dirt communing with God, nature, and each other.  It was my favorite weekend so far this year.

In keeping with every other weekend since we got the keys, we had company over to our new house.  I'm just thankful we have so many friends willing to drive the 45 minutes to come visit.

Engineer and Diva took a little time out from gardening to attend a symphony concert on Saturday night.  They both said it was wonderful.

We have moved about 80% of our stuff now.  But only after spending the weekend in the yard did we both feel like our new house is our new home.
Funny how that works.

This week we will eating:

Sunday - Pasta Bake & Salad
Monday - Tuna & Avocado Salad and Roasted Tomatoes
Tuesday - Dinner with Friends
Wednesday - Salad Sampler
Thursday - Stir Fry over Rice
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Celebrating Mother's Day

This is part of MPM.


  1. So happy for you that the move is going well and not plagued with too much drama. :) And tuna and avocado salad sounds pretty darn tasty right now!

    1. So far, no drama at all which has been wonderful. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

  2. Digging and Dining... this weeks theme? LOL


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