Madly in Love

Even before we had definitely decided to move to be closer to Engineer's work, we were looking at houses.

At first, it was just Engineer and I.  Diva came to view several with us.

She wasn't interested in looking at them.  I couldn't blame her.  After about the first 20, I no longer wanted to look at houses either.

One day after school, I asked Diva what she wanted in a house.
She replied that she didn't really care.

She said, "Wherever you and Daddy are, that's home."

However did we raise such a sweet and wise young lady?

1-4-3 DM!


  1. My grandson Alex misses Diva so much at school. When I picked him up yesterday after school, he said, "This was the first day without her at lunch. We aren't letting anyone sit in her chair at lunch in honor of Diva for the rest of the school year. Everybody loved her so much." He came home in tears after the program last Thursday night; his Momma took him for some "feel-good" ice cream around 9 pm that night so he could sleep. I hope they can keep in touch.


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