Madly in Love

I wrote a little mini rant on my FB page as a response to some not-so-niceties that continuously popped up in my feed.

Every day all day long, it was bond election this and bond election that.
If you vote this way you're a sinner and that way you're a saint.
If you vote either way, you're seen as selfish and mindless and a big stinky lamewad by the opposing side.

Just to put it in perspective, these are businessmen & women, community leaders, and people whom I love and respect making unfortunate and sometimes downright slanderous statements about one side or the other.

Y'all, we live in too small of a town to air dirty laundry.  You never know whom you are going to have to do eventually do business with, coach alongside, or when you'll sit next to their mother at church, or see walking out to get the mail.

I'm not the behavior police.  These are adults and their behavior is between them, their Maker, and their Momma.  ;)

So after it was posted, I had some nice feedback from friends and then I got this response in an e-mail from my husband:


1-4-3 EM because you never let me take myself (or life) too seriously.


  1. Oh gosh, I'm not a fan of those posts that say if you don't vote a certain what that you're an awful person.

    I like your husband's e-mail!

    1. Me neither! Sheesh! I have very great friends who don't always vote the way I do, yet I love and respect them anyway. We just don't talk politics. ;)

  2. Ha! It's always our husbands keepin' us real!

  3. Gotta love your hubby! I don't like facebook for that and many other reasons and I know this makes me a dinosaur but I rarely go on it and it's even rarer if I comment on anything.

    1. It is strange that people write things on Facebook that I'm sure they would never say to someone's face.


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