Menu Plan

No menu plan last week just a frantic freezer frenzy.  I have a feeling this will be continuing for the foreseeable future.
I really need to clean out the freezers, fridges, cupboards, and pantry before we move.
Which is good news for my grocery budget.  :)

The move is slowly moving forward.  We've had lots of company in our new home.  When moving, one has to come to terms with not having the house company ready.  I have learned as long as there is a way to make coffee and a vessel in which to pour it, I am company ready.

We had a little scare last week.  Our five year old niece (I call her Katy-Loo) was scheduled to have eardrum repair surgery and as soon as they put her under, she had an asthma attack on the table.  The doctors had to resuscitate her immediately.  She had never had an asthma attack before.  The most upsetting and tantrum inducing part of the whole ordeal, according to Katy-Loo, was that she was told she couldn't have breakfast.  She was going to have and early surgery and then didn't end up having the surgery.  But true to her roots, she was quickly placated with a short stack and syrup on the side.  ;)

Speaking of nieces, or possibly of nephews, we found out that Engineer's brother and our Sister-in-Law are expecting their first baby.  We are so excited to welcome a new member to our family.  Note to self:  must learn to knit baby booties.

Diva participated in the annual local piano rally and earned a superior rating.  We were very proud.

We had the Senior Party on Saturday which was beautiful.  I hope the girls enjoyed it.  Their mothers certainly seemed to.  :)

Again, this week, we will be using things from the freezer and pantry so we have less to transport in the move.

We will be eating:

Sunday - Finger Food Buffet at church with the youth group
Monday - Marinated Venison, Mashed Potatoes, & Green Beans
Tuesday - Djaj Mqualli over Quinoa
Wednesday - Quiche & Salad
Thursday - Crock Pot Gumbo w/Cornbread
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Leftovers

This is part of MPM.


  1. I am still super new to making Gumbo but I love to make it already... I would love to hear your recipe for gumbo sometime.

    1. I never make it the same way twice Ms. Tricia but I will try and pin down the basics sometime. :)

  2. Oh I remember that "eat what you have" phase... the meals get stranger and stranger as the weeks go on...

    1. Oh I'm sure when we are down to rhubarb and peas, we may have to just break down and go to out. :)


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