Menu Plan

Last week Engineer and I lead the second of the second series of Generation Change lessons for our youth group.  Each of the three series are made up of three lessons which is great for teenagers.  They can get a dose of financial wisdom and before they can get bored, the series is over.  :)  Actually, our youth group has really enjoyed the lessons and we have enjoyed the discussions.

Diva finished helping a friend with her daughters' library organization.

I had lunch one day with my girlfriends.  On Friday I helped prepare breakfast and lunch at our church for the members of a Synod meeting.

Engineer was away on a business trip to Cincinnati for a couple of days.

Diva's school had a fundraiser whereby the participants were not asked to give money, but instead were asked to test drive a new Lincoln.  Now that was my kind of fundraiser!

Our dogs were groomed and instead of looking all cute and fluffy, they look fairly severe and heavily shorn.  Our Schnauzer looks particularly funny with a closely shaven head.

Happy Easter week to you!

This week we will be having:

Sunday - Sandwiches & Chips
Monday - Turkey Vindaloo over Rice w/Naan Bread & Salad
Tuesday - Poached Egg Over Polenta with Olive-Herb Pesto w/Balsamic Roasted Carrots
Wednesday - Pork Loin, Green Bean Casserole, & Corn
Thursday - Roasted Pumpkin & Spinach Pasta Bake & Succotash
Friday - Chili Dogs, Baked Beans, and Chips & Hotsauce
Saturday - Leftovers

This is part of MPM.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a busy week! I love that you are doing the Generation Change series with your youth group. And test driving a new Lincoln sounds like fun!
    Have a great week and a blessed Easter with your family.

    1. It has really been a great series to get the teens thinking wisely about money. The new Lincolns are pretty nice. :) Thank you and to you and yours, a very happy Easter.

  2. What a wonderful menu. The poached egg over polenta sound delicious. I have issues with poached eggs, but may have to try again!

    1. Poached eggs are not my specialty so they probably won't look nice but they will taste good. :)

  3. I wish there had been people to teach me more about finances and how to be a good steward when I was a teen! Good on ya!

    1. Thanks! I wish I would have LISTENED to those people who tried to teach me about financial stewardship when I was a teen. :)


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