Madly in Love

Engineer came home from work and exclaimed, "My life is so weird."

Um...did you say life or wife?

"Why is that?" I asked.

He said, "because every day I come home from work to find something like eggshells drying on the countertop, a basket in the kitchen that has bottles of beer-gone-bad you refuse to throw out since you insist that there is a use for them, or lemon peels soaking in vinegar on the window sill."*

I smiled and asked him if that was a bad thing.

He replied, "No.  Just weird."

1-4-3 EM even if your wife, er, um, life is weird.  ;)

*He could have also mentioned the seeds that were planted in egg cartons, the gardenia cuttings that are rooting in a glass on the window sill, the thieves' and oregano oils out on the counter to treat the dog's skin allergies, the grains soaking in buttermilk, the yogurt fermenting away in the crock pot, or any of the other apparent abnormalities that were obvious at that moment.


  1. I always look forward to your madly in love posts. I have had the exact same conversation with my husband!

    1. Engineer always looks forward to these posts as well. ;) Aren't we lucky that they put up with us?! :)

  2. I am also married to an engineer, and more times than not, it's me telling him that my life is weird!

    1. Ha ha Ms. Sarah! I can totally understand that. :)


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