Madly in Love

Diva and I sing and dance in the car all the time.

When a particularly rousing song comes on the radio, she and I put on quite the animated performance for our fellow commuters.

One of my little literary Diva's favorite groups at the moment is the appropriately named American Authors.  They sing the song "Best Day of My Life" which is a cool catchy upbeat tune.

From the backseat, I heard, as I had many times before, "I love this song!" and could see in the rear view mirror that Diva had the music in her.  She was singing and moving all around.

"This is your theme song, or maybe this one along with 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams don't you think?" I asked Diva.

She said, "I was just thinking that!"

I told her, "It's because every day you wake up and make the choice to be happy and with the expectation that it will be the best day ever.  That's a gift."

And a huge grin spread across her face.

1-4-3 DM for the joy you radiate.  


  1. What a sweet girl you have, and what a good mama you are! Something about the joyous nature of music just puts everyone in a better mood!

    1. She is quite sweet Ms. Melissa. :) We do love an upbeat song.


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