Madly in Love - Couple Costume Edition

*I was sent costumes to facilitate a review.  All opinions, amazingly gracious husband, and incredibly cheesy way of living life are my own.

Engineer began phase 2 of the the Dave Ramsey "Generation Change" materials for our church's youth group on Sunday.  He did a great job with the first series and our youth were eager to start the next one.

Now for a couple of the lessons, I may have added a bit of flair...
Some little activity or something that was somewhat memorable in order to make a point stick.  Again, this is {almost} totally Engineer's show...but every show needs a little pizzazz right?  ;)

Engineer has been very accommodating when I want to add said flair to his prepared lesson.
He's a good man and I love Engineer with every fiber of my being.

I mean, how could I not when the man willingly dresses up like this:

He said that's his "bacon face"

Now you may have some questions for me such as:

  1. Why is Engineer dressed as bacon?  
  2. Where is your costume?
  3. What does that breakfast turned costume have to do with a financial course for teens?
  4. Do you know where the best vacation for couples is?
  5. Where did you find those costumes?

And here are your answers:

1.  Engineer dressed as a giant bit of bacon because I asked him to.  See, I told you, very accommodating.

2.  Here is my costume:

This is my "egg" face
3.  Everything's better with bacon...even a class on being financially responsible.  :)  The first lesson in this series was on budgeting so to make it memorable, Engineer and I dressed up as bacon & eggs.  A visible representation that when you start "bringing home the bacon," you need to make an "egg"cellent budget - or else the "yoke" is on you.   I never said my flair was genius, I said it was memorable.

4.  I have no idea where the best vacation spot for other couples is, but the best vacation spot for Engineer and me is anywhere with great food, good wine, and each other.

5.  Our costumes came from Costume Discounters but they are also available at Wholesale Halloween Costumes (who in addition sells wholesale party supplies) in case you need a little more bacon and eggs in your life.  These costumes were great in that they looked like the photo on the package, they were easy to use, and easy to wear.  What else could I need?...Toast...I really want to find a toast costume for Diva so the three of us can go as "Breakfast" for the next Halloween party.

1-4-3 EM for being a good sport.  I can't imagine sharing life's frying pan with anyone else.  You make me sizzle.  :)

P.S.  In case you need party supplies all in one fell swoop, this costume company also does a birthday in a box to make it easy to plan a party.


  1. Very cute! Everyone should have a bacon face!

    1. Agreed! Everyone indeed should have a bacon face. :)

  2. Too cute! What a great lesson (I doubt they will ever forget it)

    1. How could they POSSIBLY forget a lesson that starts with grown-ups dressed as breakfast?! ;)

  3. Thanks so much! We have a lot of fun leading these lessons.

  4. Love Dave Ramsey, and love your costumes! Your bit of flair is hilarious and will leave an impression on the teens!

    1. I wonder if Dave would approve of our methods for leading his classes? :)

  5. Cute! My son went as bacon last year for halloween:))

    1. Everyone should have a bacon costume don't you think?

  6. This made me LOL. Well the costumes part. ;) I think you definitely made it memorable! ;)

    1. I hope the actual message was memorable for them and not just our costumes. ;)


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