Perfectly Practical #196 - Made in America and a Boots & Bourbon Review

On the heels of the Olympics, we teem with American pride...even if our choice to make the Opening Ceremonies official "Ugly Sweater Day" was, um, disappointing.

Even so, it's a great time to reinforce the beauty of buying American made goods.

A few things to think about:

  • American manufacturing means American jobs - that equates to money being recirculated into the American economy
  • America has higher standards for its workers - the purchaser knows they are not buying goods which have been produced in unsafe conditions or by unethical practices
  • America has a higher standard for its goods - environmental and health considerations have been employed in the process of making of the products
  • American goods mean more self-sufficiency - fewer items being purchased from countries that perhaps are not friendly to democracy and the American way of life

That's all wonderful but let's go one step further - American made artisan goods.
Goods like those found at the celebration of all things Southern, Bourbon & Boots.

What sets Southerners apart?  Drawl?  Hospitality?  Tradition?  Iced Tea?  Manners?  All of the above?

Have you known many companies to have a list of virtues?  I believe that list is down to the team's Southern upbringing (and their influence on the one Yankee that works with them.)

Bourbon & Boots is dedicated to finding interesting items that are crafted by compatriots and making them available all in one place like this Y'all necklace (seriously, what's more Southern than "y'all" & a pearl?!) or an ultimate pb&j kit.  They have a whole section that is just mason jar themed items!

Why artisan products?

Well, for one thing, they are different every time.  They are handcrafted by fellow Americans so although they are made the same way, there will always be slight variations in the products, but not in the quality of those products.

Also, by buying handmade products, you are keeping traditional skills alive like copper smithing. #flask

Bourbon & Boots sent this beautiful handcrafted copper flask just before Valentine's Day so I could see the quality of their products firsthand.  The package was packed extremely well and the flask itself came in a lovely presentation box.

The flask was made using traditional techniques and materials, and historically accurate design down to the birch stopper.

Engineer, who had been dropping not-so-subtle hints for quite some time about needing a flask, loved his Valentine's Day surprise.
Thank you Bourbon & Boots for solving my what-do-I-get-him-for-Valentine's-Day dilemma!

Engineer has also been heavily convicted to buy American as much as possible for the past couple of years.  He researches and finds companies that make the products he is trying to purchase.  Another reason this flask was an especially good present for my All-American guy.

Bourbon & Boots have been so kind as to give my readers a coupon code for 5% off of their purchase.  Just use the coupon code blogparymoppins14 to receive your discount.

You can find Bourbon & Boots on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I was provided a copper flask to facilitate my review.  All opinions and love for my country and American made goods are my own.


  1. Ohhh....loving this flask! And I love Bourbon & Boots!!

  2. Replies
    1. Everyone needs a pretty flask in their lives right? ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Bourbon & Boots has such beautiful things on their site and this flask is just one of them. :)


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