Perfectly Practical #193 - Marshmallow Treats

I joined with several food bloggers this past week in a Valentine's Day dessert round-up.

As I was working on my recipe, I started thinking about all of the variations of marshmallow treats and how useful they were as a party food.

Besides being ridiculously simple and delicious, they are tremendously versatile as well.

Here are a few variations to make them a personal statement:

  • Make "Hugs" by using half Cocoa Puffs and half Kix cereal
  • Turn these into baby shower treats buy emphasizing the "HER"shey or Hers"HE"y kisses on the tags
  • Put a couple of drops of food coloring in the marshmallow goo to match a theme
  • Melt chocolate, peanut butter, or caramel chips in with the marshmallow goo
  • Use pretty much any cereal:  Cheerios, Fruity Pebbles, Trix, etc. 
  • Add in nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, M&MS, etc. in with the cereal
  • Let them settle in a pan and use cookie cutters to make specific shapes
  • While still pliable, mold them into shapes
  • If you are super creative, make a centerpiece out of sculpted or carved marshmallow treats
  • Dip them in chocolate
This is part of WFMW.


  1. What fabulous ideas! England has fewer cereal choices as you know, but maybe I can come up with something....

    1. You are so right Ms. Katie! Maybe good ol' Cheerios or bog standard Rice Krispies will have to do. ;)

  2. I guess I should start thinking of Valentine's Day, shouldn't I?? I like the holiday but I'm not crazy about decorating or making all those sweets that stick to my hips!


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