Madly in Love

Diva came home last week and said, "By the way, our class is having a Valentine's party."

I know how this game is played:

A sign-up sheet is sent around for the children write down what their parents will bring.
Veddy veddy clevah.

Kids have no idea the difference in time and effort between the "bring cups & napkins" and "make 3 trays of different sandwiches" options.  They just see an open space and put their parent's name down.

Back to our recent conversation, after she told me about the party, I cringed and asked Diva what she had signed me up to bring.  Her answer made me want to burst with pride and joy.

She said, "I wrote down your name and wrote out to the side 'Sustenance.'"

She knows me so well.

1-4-3 DM for not pigeon-holing your Momma.


    something (such as food) that keeps someone or something alive. : something that gives support, help, or strength.

    That could mean anything! Is that your point. Sounds like you could be saddled with something you don't won't to send or do you get to choose?

    1. Ha ha! Oh no! I hope they aren't hoping that my Valentine's treats will keep them alive, or give them support, help, or strength. ;) No, Diva just let them know that I would send some sort of food - in other words maker's choice. ;)

  2. Holy cow that is awesome! Your daughter is flat out brilliant, and apparently, a very good listener! ;)

    1. Thanks Ms. Melissa. :) She knows from way back that it's best not to sign me up for something without some discussion first. ;)

  3. Brilliant. Now you can send in some store bought goodies and call it a day.

    Stopping by from sits

    1. I wish Ms. Melissa. My daughter won't let me get away with that. :) She doesn't dictate what I make but she does make suggestions... ;)


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