Madly in Love

Engineer doesn't begrudge my blogging time.
I try to make it not interfere with my family time but when it can't be helped, he is very understanding.

I hear you out there saying, "Now Pary, seriously, how can interference to your home life due to blogging NOT be helped?"


  • Interruption #1 - Food needs to be photographed for a recipe post before we can eat it
  • Interruption #2 - Photos need to be taken during the process of a project instead of just getting on with the project
  • Interruption #3 - Asking Engineer to take said photographs then tweak them on Light Box to make them look better (he's the better photographer)
  • Interruption #4 - Having to finish up the Brookshire's ad coupon match-ups by midnight on Wednesdays 
  • Interruption #5 - Being stressed out about a deadline
  • Interruption #6 - Every dish in the house is dirty because I went on a recipe posting bender and although food now covers every flat surface in the kitchen, there is not anything to eat for supper (this is a double-whammy since Engineer is the dishwasher and he has to take us out for supper)
  • Interruption #7 - Me saying, "That would make a great Madly in Love post!  Say what you just said again so I can write it down!"
  • Interruption #8 - Shoveling various experimental foods down the gullet of my peeps and asking, "How is it?  What's it need?" for a recipe
  • Interruption #9 - Subjecting all of the residents of The Little Pink House to trying out all manner of foods, gizmos, goods, and services so that a review can be written
  • Interruption #10 - Preparing for and throwing parties in order to have other people come into our home to try products for review

In addition, he is a good sport when I post about him on the blog or share silly pictures of him.
Like this:

I love that picture.  It makes me happy.  A wall-eyed turkey with a beard...tee hee hee...

Now with all of that he also reaps the benefits like trying out new things, eating lots of yummy food, and buying a fancy camera (he says it's for me and the, yeah...) so it's not all bad.

And even with the added daily dose of bloggity oddity around here, he was just as excited as I was to find out that I was going to be February's featured blogger for Texas Women Bloggers.

Thank you Engineer for being supportive of the blog and the time it takes...even when I post pictures of you dressed like a cow.

1-4-3 EM because you dress up like animals and let me capture it on film.  ;)


  1. Cute post. My husband is the same way. He knows not to dare take a bite of food until everything has been arranged and photographed. LOL

    1. Such is the lot in life for husbands of bloggers everywhere. ;)

  2. What a darling post about the love between a man and his bloggin' wife!

    1. Aw thanks Ms. Ronda. He is very patient with me. :)

  3. "Say what you just said again so I can write it down!"

    That happens in my house too! :)


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