February in Review


I told the trainer at the gym that I had a goal that needed to be met so asked him to consider revising my work-outs.  He was happy to oblige by basically doubling everything, weight & reps and by adding a complete ab circuit to each work-out as well.  That's what I get for giving the trainer full license.  His name is now said by me with the same inflection "Newman" is said by Seinfeld.


5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter by Vicki Courtney
In the Know by Nancy MacDonell


"The Lego Movie" - We were singing "Everything is Awesome" continually after watching it
"Winter's Tale"

Finished Projects:

Pink Infinity Scarf (also falls under something new)

Something New:

Knitted something using circular needles.
I was the featured blogger on Texas Women Bloggers for the month.  :)
Attended an orchestral premier.