Perfectly Practical #190 - Looking for Prom Dresses

I wore a similar dress to a friend's prom
but I don't remember looking that statuesque...
maybe it's because I'm only 5'1".  :)

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions and giddiness about prom season are my own.

Oh how I love springtime!
It's the season of flowers, beautiful weather, Easter, and proms.
Yes, I said it, prom is a valued part of springtime to me.

I love walking into a restaurant on prom night and seeing all the handsome young men in their tuxes and beautiful young ladies in their gowns excitedly rushing through dinner before heading off to the dance.  What fun!

And no, it's not too early to be thinking about and looking for prom dresses.

In fact, if your high schooler's social calendar is anything like mine was, there are tons of formal dances going on in the spring semester - Valentine's Day Dances, Debutante Balls, Jr. Proms, Sr. Proms, etc.

The amount of dresses (and the cost involved) mounts up very very quickly.  And when you are trying to live a frugal lifestyle, that cost can be prohibitive...which leads to a sullen high schooler...and who wants that?!

Online shopping for prom dresses is actually a great option because you can get the latest styles at discount prices.

Dress First is an online shop specializing in wedding, evening, holiday, homecoming, and yes, prom dresses.

They have an enormous selection of gowns.  In fact, they currently have 750 prom dresses from which to choose!

To narrow your search, you can choose neckline, silhouettes, colors, hemlines, etc. and list the dresses by price, newest available, and most popular.

I had a lot of fun choosing different combinations of fabrics and styles to see what was available.

I'm kind of currently in love with this dress.
Do you think I could volunteer to chaperon at prom
 as an excuse to buy it?

I remember having great fun in high school trying to find just the right dress.  But as I noted in the top picture, I am only 5'1" which means that every single dress had to be altered to fit me.  Every. single. one.

Again, that's where buying a prom dress from Dress First is awesome!
For only $19.99 extra, you can give them your measurements and their tailors will construct the dress to fit you!  Rest assured that your prom dress will be a perfect fit.  I know that it cost more than an extra $19.99 each time I wanted a dress altered to fit.

For that matter, each dress is made-to-order whether you choose a custom size or not which means that almost any dress can be made in a plethora of different colors.  I love that!  It really gives the shopper a chance to make the dress their own.

Another neat feature of the website is that is gives you the stats on each dress (as in does it have boning or a built-in bra, etc.) and has FAQs at the bottom of each page.

I have bookmarked the site for the next time I need a formal dress because there are quite a few that appeal to me...much to Engineer's chagrin.


  1. I think shopping way ahead of time for prom would be WAY smart. Nothing spells disaster like a panicked hunt at the last minute. And $20 for alterations? That's a steal.

  2. It's NEVER too early to shop for prom dresses. I ended up having to get alterations twice! If I had waited to the last minute...that would've been bad!

    1. Amen! "Last minute" and "prom dress shopping" are like pickles and peanut butter - two things that should not go together. ;)

  3. I used to LOVE shopping for homecoming, prom and my dance team's annual end of year formal when I was in high school! Such a fun site to browse

    1. Oooh me too Ms. Pristine. My everyday style (or lack thereof) has always been uber-casual so I loved the chance to get totally dolled up for a formal.

  4. First of all, that pink dress is beautiful! Second, I bought my prom dress the fall of my senior year...there's no such thing as too early:)

  5. Oh my, I remember the stress of trying to find the perfect prom dress...starting early is a GREAT idea! I'm 5'2", so I'm with you on always needing alterations...this sounds like a great service!

    1. Isn't though? I would have loved having a dress made custom so it fit the first time I tried it on.

  6. That purple dress is lovely! It's a shame there aren't more occasions for "grown ups" to wear fancy dresses like that!

    1. Absolutely! I guess the Debutante Ball is really the only event that I know of locally where everyone dresses up in formal attire. I'm sure in bigger cities, there are more opportunities.

  7. I still adore the prom dress I wore in high school. It's still in the attic of my parents house, and it is red satin strapless with a few sequins. I felt like Jessica Rabbit! ;)

    1. Sounds gorgeous! Jessica Rabbit did have a fabulous dress although I've always been baffled as to how it stayed up...I guess she was just drawn that way. ;)


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