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There was no school last Monday due to a teacher in-service day so Diva and I put a few more Christmas decorations away.  I was hoping to get them all down and put away by then since I feel I have grace with my decs until Epiphany (a.k.a. 12th Night or January 6th) but that didn't happen.  Yes, I still have my Christmas tree in the corner but it's nekid.  I have gotten that far at least.

Life was a little more normal in general with lessons and such resuming.  I had a PTA meeting and a massage, Engineer played Trivial Pursuit with his buddies, and Diva spent the night with a good friend so we all had nice interruptions to our regular schedule.

Ray and the girls came over for dinner one night and it was lovely to visit with them but I know they were exhausted.  When you've been keeping vigil for a week over your son/brother who just had a heart transplant, exhaustion is completely understandable.

Some girlfriends and I got together and had a pleasant time nattering over coffee and crochet.  Well actually a couple of us knitted while the others crocheted.  I think it will become a weekly gathering.

After waking up fairly early for a Saturday, Engineer and I hit the gym before meeting some friends and their families for lunch.  It had been quite some time since we had been able to sit and relax with these particular friends and it was so nice to catch up.

We had to cut our lunch a little short though because we were headed back up to Dallas to pick up Ray and the girls so they could leave their car in Dallas.  I wasn't going to go with Engineer and Diva to pick them up until right as they were about to walk out the door, I received a text message from Cricket saying that she was packing to take her youngest to the ER in Dallas.  After about 2.3 seconds, I decided I would go with them after all so that I could see Cricket and Kathleen (Anthony's mom) and be there to do whatever it was that they needed me to do.  I'm glad I went.

If you think about it, please keep both the Herman and Jackson families in your prayers.

Did I get to even one meal from my menu plan last week?  Yes.  One.  And it was a modified version.  Hopefully this week will be a little less loosey-goosey as far as dinner is concerned.  I will try to do the eMeals plan as best I can; but, as you can see, I'm not doing a whole lot of cooking this week.

Sunday - Dinner @ Church
Monday - Balsamic-Dijon London Broil w/Braised Brussels Sprouts
Tuesday - Rosemary-Garlic Pork Tenderloin w/Sweet & Tangy Carrots
Wednesday - Dinner @ Church
Thursday - Lemon-Thyme Chicken Thighs w/Roasted Root Vegetables
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Dinner w/Family

This is part of MPM.


  1. Such a full schedule. Happy Monday to you too.

  2. I need to get better at planning ahead like this!

    1. It's a super way to save money and stay sane but unfortunately, I don't always stick to it. ;)

  3. One is better than none! I think we only did three of the meals that I originally planned last week. Better luck this time around :)

  4. I wish I was better at menu planning. I'm hoping to get back on the bandwagon soon. :) I want to come to your house on Tuesday!

  5. I had high hopes for a calm and organized start to 2014 but so far, that's not been the case. :)


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