Menu Plan & Ups & Down

Last week was full of highs and lows.

Engineer led (while I supported from the sidelines) a Dave Ramsey "Generation Change" class for our youth group.  The girls were thoughtful during the discussion times and attentive the rest of the evening.  Well, until it was nearly finished and everything descended into giggly girlie chaos.  If there is going to be chaos, the giggly girlie kind is definitely the best kind to have.

Anthony was doing so well, moving swiftly along the road to recovery and then he hit a bump, and veered right, and has come close to being in the wrong lane altogether.  Basically, his recovery has had some major set-backs this week with the most notable being that his body is trying to reject his new heart.  Even though his immune system is attacking the cells in both his heart AND the vessels, the heart itself remains strong.  Please take a moment and spare a thought for this eleven year old and his family who are desperate to have no more detours on Anthony's road to recovery.

There was also the funeral of a family friend's daughter who passed away while waiting for a liver transplant.  I am reminded to be thankful for each day.

I had my initial assessment session with a trainer at the gym.  Not a brilliant assessment but a fair one.  I went on to have two training sessions during the week.  The first left me so sore I nearly cried every time I needed to sit down - very unpleasant.

I was very fortunate to be able to have another massage from my favorite massage therapist before she went back home (she was only here for a visit.)  It will be months before I see her again so I had to make the most of her available appointment time.

For the second week, some girlfriends and I met up for coffee and crochet, which is kind of a misnomer since a couple of us knit instead.  How nice it is to sit around a big table and chit chat away while still being productive.  Maybe that's what we should call it, natter and knit.  ;)

We celebrated my little brother's birthday with a Mexican feast courtesy of an old family friend (thanks MaLuisa!) and Diva spent the weekend at a youth event in Houston.

Again, my menu plan from last week did not come into full fruition.  So far, I am just thankful that my peeps are getting fed.  This is NOT the way I intended for my New Year menu plan to start.

We will keep trying though...with the help of eMeals.

This week we will (hopefully) be eating:

Sunday - Friends over for Dinner - Spaghetti & Meatsauce w/Salad and Key Lime Pudding w/Warm Lavender & Blueberry Compote
Monday - Pecan Crusted Tilapia, Orange-Basil Green Beans, and Roasted Onions
Tuesday - Honey-Dijon Chicken Breasts, Sauteed Asparagus Ribbons, & Steamed Carrots
Wednesday - Dinner at Church
Thursday - Indian-Style Pork Chops w/Roasted Fennel & Apples
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Supper Club

This is part of MPM.


  1. Indian Style Pork Chops...That sounds delicious as do your other meals...Have a fabulous Monday!

    1. Indian spices are so perfect for the chilly winter months. Thanks Ms. Kathleen for stopping by!

  2. Big fan of pecan crusted fish. YUM!

    1. I'm not sure I have ever crusted fish with pecans before, chicken, yes, fish, no. I'm looking forward to trying it though. :)

  3. Your menus sound decadent. Mine looks more like: Monday Chicken, Tuesday Tuna, Wednesday Beef, Thursday take out, Friday refrigerator pot luck, Saturday pantry raid, Sunday big meal. LOL

    1. Your menu plan looks good too Ms. Jeannie. I am trying to work through emeals at the moment which is wonderful, but we have had strange schedules lately making it difficult to prepare their recipes in time for supper.

  4. OOOOH! Do you have a good recipe for Key Lime Pie?! It's my fave!

    1. Sorry. I really don't. :( I used a mix that someone had given me for the key lime pudding and I made the compote for some pizzazz.


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