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More Christmas cheer...

Sunday, Diva was part of the Junior Daughters of the King installation so she and I were at one church while Engineer was serving communion at our church.  He had a Diaconate meeting afterwards then met up with us at the lunch reception for the new inductees.

Our church's annual Christmas cantata was Sunday night.  Engineer sang and Diva and I helped in the kitchen to set up the reception that followed.  They did a great job.

In the wee hours of Monday morning, our sweet friends welcomed their little (and I mean little - less than 6 pounds) girl Lillian into the world.

That night Engineer and his buddies got together for a round of who-knows-more-useless-facts known as Trivial Pursuit.*  Diva and I held down the couch, er, um, fort while he was gone.  She and I knitted while watching Wheel of Fortune and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."  It was so lovely to not have any particular place to be so that we could curl up and spend time together.  I think we often miss those moments during the holiday season, or at least, I do.

Tuesday found Diva and I running from school, to a refresher course on serving for big parties (I've not done it since high school and she has never served in that capacity before) to a voice lesson, then to her school's Christmas production.

Thursday I helped serve for a company's Christmas party (it was sort of a practice run for me before the huge party Friday night.)

The big event was Friday night.  The weather outside was frightful...I hydroplaned most of the way to the event which was in a neighboring town.  Diva and I served and about halfway through the evening, she started jiggling (as an excited Diva does) and said, "This is fun!"  I can see how a 12 year old would think that.  You are in beautiful surroundings, and you are in a fast paced environment where there is no down time - no time to be bored - and what needs to be done changes constantly.  I was thankful for a safe journey that night (it truly was terrifying) and for all of the grace extended during the evening.

We ended the week with Diva going to an Ugly Sweater Party and Engineer and I helping with our church's annual live Nativity called "Walk to Bethlehem."

Another fun and busy week down.  Another one to come...

Here's what we will be eating this week:

Sunday - Dinner at Church
Monday - Canard au Vin, Pasta, & Salad
Tuesday - Veggie Stir Fry over Rice
Wednesday - Frittata & Salad
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Dinner w/Friends

This is part of Menu Plan Monday.

*I actually love Trivial Pursuit but wives aren't invited to play.  Instead, we usually go out for a glass of wine and a meal together.


  1. Sounds like a full week of fun! I might have to steal yor Wednesday night meal idea :)

    1. We just ate our frittata and it was tasty Ms. Jennifer. :)


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