Monday, December 2, 2013

Menu Plan

Diva and I had a very relaxed week last week since she was off of school.

She and I went to a food handlers' class so the she {we} can help serve some catering events for friends.  I have to tell you, it was terrifying and made me never want to eat at a restaurant again.  Too many possibilities for contamination...I was happy being ignorant of them.

Well we did it.
We took the plunge at Thanksgiving and had a mighty turducken.

For those of you unaware of what a turducken is, it is a stuffed chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside of a turkey.

After this commercial came out a few years ago, our family since refers to it as "The Mighty Turducken."

That bad boy was delicious!  And although there were only 7 of us at the table, we managed to have enough food for a small army.  Leftovers upon leftovers.

We went to the tree farm and picked out our Christmas tree and once we got it in the house, I let loose of the reigns this year and let Diva trim the tree - with a little guidance.

Our week wasn't completely joyous.  Wednesday night, the husband of one of the most beloved teachers at Diva's school was killed in a car accident out in West Texas.  So as we were thanking God for His many blessings on Thursday, we were also thanking him for the life of a good man and praying for peace for his young widow and their young child.  If you have a moment, please send up a little prayer for that family.

This week I won't be cooking much because party season is in full swing!
We will be eating:

Sunday - Dinner at Church
Monday - Dinner w/Co-Workers
Tuesday - Dinner w/Family
Wednesday - Pinto Beans, Salad, & Cornbread
Thursday - Frittata & Steamed Veggies
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Dinner w/Friends

This is part of Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Wow! I've never had the turducken. (hope I spelled it right)
    It's going to be wicked cold in Vegas. low 40s during the day...low 30s at night That always puts me in the mood for comfort foods.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. We have had a warm spell again and it is in the 70s here in Texas and feels wonderful outside...but not so conducive to comfort foods. Thanks for stopping by Ms. Berry!


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