Madly in Love

Engineer gets annoyed when I am stressed.

Not to say he isn't sympathetic when there is truly {not self-imposed} pressure on me, but he does put life into perspective. 

During canning season there is so much hustle and bustle and it is all time sensitive since produce breaks down soon after it is picked but if I don't get everything canned, it doesn't mean that we won't eat. 

When there are times that it seems like money is slipping through our fingers from breaking appliances or faulty plumbing, etc. he reminds me that he works hard so that I don't have to shoulder the burden of making ends meet for our family. 

He doesn't want me to have stress because he wants our family culture to be one of peace and as the keeper of the home, that peace begins with me.

1-4-3 Engineer for shouldering burdens and putting things into perspective.