Menu Ideas from the Brookshire's Ad

A meal plan is a great way to save money and not waste food.

I want to show you that as long as you are intentional in your shopping and cooking, you will save money on your grocery bill regardless if you use coupons or not.

Generally, the cost of the whole meal will be less than or equal to the tip you would leave at a restaurant.

These ideas are taken directly from the Brookshire's circulars and using Brookshire's Match-ups.

Fall has finally arrived in East Texas.  I know this because Engineer has allowed me to put our fall sheets on the bed (flannel) and the electric blanket has made an appearance.

Because of that, this week's menu from the Brookshire's ad has been very much inspired by the chill in the air as evident from all of the comfort food listed.  

It's also a good week to pick up a few easy meal items for your freezer on the Buy 1 Get 1 for a penny sale like Foster Farms Chicken Nuggets, Brookshire's Pizza, & Singleton Butterfly Shrimp. 

This week you could make:

Shopping List:

2 x Tyson Boneless Skinless Frozen Chicken Breast 36 - 43.2 oz.*
Thai Green Curry Paste
2 x coconut milk
3 lbs. Zucchini (1 lb for curry, 1 lb. for tortellini soup, & 1 lb. for steaming)
6 x Colored Bell Peppers (2 for curry, 2 for fajitas, & 2 for fajita soup)
2lbs. Food Club Rice
Ricotta Cheese
2 x Sour Cream
6 x Bird's Eye Steamfresh (spinach, green beans, peas, mixed vegetables, broccoli & cauliflower mix, & )
2 x Stella Parmesan
2 x Miceli's Fresh Mozzarella
1.5lbs. Red Seedless Grapes
2 x John Soules Fajitas
2 x Jumbo Hass Avocados
4 x Rice-a-Roni (2 x Mexican variety & 2 x Pilaf variety)
Pace Picante Sauce
La Tiera Taco Shells
2 x Brookshire's Tortilla Chips
2 x Brookshire's Salsa
4 x Red Gold Tomatoes
3lb. bag Onions
Head of Garlic
1lb. bag Carrots
4 x Pasta Prima Tortellini (2 for soup & 2 for bake)
2 x Jennie-O Italian Sausages
Brookshire's Crushed Tomatoes 26-29.5oz.
Bag of Baby Spinach
2 x 3lb. bag of Gala Apples
2 x Cartons of Chicken Stock
2 x 2lb. Hormel Pork Loin Fillet
2 lbs. Sweet Potatoes
2 lbs. Yellow Squash
Pepperidge Farm Herb Stuffing
Food Club Cream of Mushroom Soup
2 x Brookshire's Frozen Potatoes (fries & hashbrowns)
2 x Gorton's Frozen Fish
2 x Skinner's Pasta
Food Club Evaporated Milk
2 x Jennie-O Ground Turkey
2 x Heinz Gravy (chicken & pork)
2 x Food Club Refrigerated Biscuits
Brookshire's OJ gallon
Brookshire's Eggs
Big Bag of Salad

*You could save some money by boiling the chicken for the recipes then using the broth when recipes call for stock.

That's 14 meals for around $155.74 or $11.12 per meal without coupons plus 50 Bonus YourPoints!

This is part of Menu Plan Monday.