Madly in Love

Diva and I were talking about The Five Love Languages the other day in the car.
I described each love language and we figured out which ones applied to different people.

I told her which ones I thought she was and then I asked her, how do you know you are loved?

Without missing a beat she said, "Because I feel loved."
That, my friends, is a precious statement.

As a mother, I want above all things for my child to feel safe, secure, and loved.
It's tragic to come across people, and especially children, who don't feel loved.

Diva is one of those children that radiates love and I believe that she feels it is reciprocated.

Maybe that's a lesson for all of us, give love to receive love.
Maybe the lesson is to open ourselves up to the possibility of being loved.
Or maybe it's both.

Diva's simple statement had such a profound impact on me.

1-4-3 DM because you bless my heart and you are loved more than you could ever know.

This is part of FFFF.


  1. What a comforting thing to hear a child say. I know that my greatest achievement as a mother will be my children knowing how much I love them and how much I love being their mother.

    1. I doubt my parenting skills all the time Ms. Sarah, but amongst all my failings, I must be doing something right if she feels loved. :)

  2. Such a sweet post. And I agree - opening ourselves up to the possibility is the first step.


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