Summer Hats 2013

We have been out of town a lot this summer which accounts for the low number of summer hats worn.

This is what I have worn this summer:

This one came from an unassuming estate sale that I have mentioned in a previous post.  She had fabulous hats!  This one came in it's original Neiman Marcus box with the charge receipt inside.

This one came from our elderly neighbor in England.  She used to give me her cast offs, which I was all too happy to receive.

This is actually one of Engineer's hats but it went so perfectly with my dress that I had to borrow it.

I bought this white linen hat to go with a white linen dress at the end of the season last year but didn't get a chance to wear it until this year.

The last of the straw hats for this season.  I am running dangerously low on spring/summer hats...I guess that means I need to do a little shopping.  ;)

Here's what Diva has been wearing:

This is part of WIWW.


  1. It was such a rainy soggy summer here in North Carolina the only hat I had on was a rain hat! Would feel much jazzier with one of these!

    1. We would have happily taken some of the rain off of your hands. :)


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