Menu Plan

Last week was a fairly notable one.  Not much of my meal plan was followed but that was okay by me because instead, we ate TONS of Latin American food.  Mmmmm....

Our coffeemaker died.  That kind of put a damper on Friday morning.  Lucky for us, there are at least 6 other methods for making coffee in this house*, they just take longer or are more involved.

Youth Group has started back up for the year. Diva has now officially moved up and is very excited.

She also began tutoring a little girl in reading.  Both she and the little girl seemed to enjoy it.

Diva's Jr. Daughters of the King chapter was the first one ever to be invited to the Daughters of the King retreat to perform.  They met the Bishop and the girls had a wonderful time...they didn't sleep at all...but they had a wonderful time.

Our church choir always kicks off the year with a dinner and that happened occurred on Wednesday.  One of the choir members always has a certain Mexican restaurant to cater it and the choir families are all invited.

Engineer and I had a throwback double date night this week with some sweet friends.  We started out at a taqueria in a neighboring town that is famous for its fish tacos - which were very good.  We then played putt-putt where we were the only grown-ups there NOT with small children.  I had forgotten how much fun miniature golf can be since Engineer and I hadn't played in years.  And what better way to finish off the evening than at Dairy Queen.  :)

Another set of sweet friends were having a BBQ at their house for Guatemalan Independence Day (the lovely wife is Guatemalan.)  Her mother was in the kitchen making tortillas when I arrived and there was no way I was going to pass up learning to make traditional Guatemalan tortillas so I stood there asking questions while my friend translated.  Engineer got to meet friends I hadn't seen since high school that were there.  We ate traditional food and visited and had a wonderful time.

We were in Tyler taking care of our one goal as a family this year - which has been many years in the making - and while there, we picked up my Father-in-law at a Texas Nationalist Movement Rally (which had an incredible amount of support which was both unexpected and impressive) and had lunch with him.

It was a great week, well, except for the coffeemaker thing, and I'm expecting this week to be just as good.  I hope you have a great week too!

We will be eating:

Sunday - Vegetarian Chili & Cornbread Waffles
Monday - Spinach Pasta w/Homemade Pasta Sauce & Salad
Tuesday - Breakfast for Supper
Wednesday - Sandwiches
Thursday - Pork Roast w/Apples & Onions and Sweet & Sour Cabbage
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Date Night

This is part of Menu Plan Monday.

*I have sort of a collection of coffeemaking instruments:  a large espresso maker, a small espresso maker, a stovetop percolator, a camping percolator, an electric percolator, a cafetiere (French press) 2 x coffee urns, and of course, if push came to shove, there's always instant.  I like to be prepared in case of a coffee emergency.