Madly In Love

One of the coolest things happened when we took Diva to camp this year.

Diva goes to a rather large summer camp.
The counselors see thousands of children during the summer for only a week or two at a time.
For them to remember a name or a face of a child from the previous summer is pretty amazing.

But that's just what happened.

The counselors form sort of a dance line or either side of the road leading up to the camp where they jump around chanting and hooting and generally whooping it up while the parents drive their campers through it.

As we were driving through the line, Diva's counselor from last year looked in the car and started screaming Diva's name and jumping up and down letting the other counselors how awesome of a camper she was.
How "Especial Que" (the counselor's nickname) could remember Diva's name I don't know.

Then, when we were unloading Diva's stuff from the car we met her counselor for this year, "Huskerpuff", who promptly told us that she had heard all about Diva from Especial Que and was super excited to have her in her cabin.

As her Momma, I will always think she is the best thing since Oreos but it is so nice to know other folks think she is memorable too.

1-4-3 DM!