Madly In Love

Engineer hates Pinterest.

I'm not on Pinterest all the time but occasionally I'll get on there looking for project inspiration.
My project ideas become his projects.

I understand his disgust with Pinterest.
It has made more work for him.
However, it also validates his adoring wife who thinks he can do anything.

On one of the latest projects, Engineer suffered through me telling him what I wanted to do with a lighting feature and then took me to Lowe's...after he had done calculations.  He is an Engineer after all 

When he couldn't find what he needed for the project I shifted design gears.
We did that three times.
Two hours later we emerged from Lowe's.

Even after changing the plan he still had a good attitude about a project that 1. he didn't want to do and 2.  he thought would look ridiculous.

1-4-3 EM for being long-suffering of your wife.

P.S.  The finished project doesn't look ridiculous.


  1. You know I'm going to ask for pictures right?

    1. They will be forthcoming. We broke the baby bed down into three projects, two of which are finished. I'm waiting on the completion of the third before posting pics. :)

  2. Projects just don't seem to be completed at all in this house haha

    1. I'm not saying projects get done in a timely fashion, I'm just saying they get done eventually. ;)


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