Menu Plan Week 28

This past week we saw another production at the Texas Shakespeare Festival, "The Comedy of Errors".  The week previous we had seen "The Winter's Tale."  What a gem to have first rate actors from all over the world come and perform in a tiny town in East Texas.

We had an unexpected house guest for a few days and we were dog-sitting all week.

On the 4th, we spent time with some sweet friends lounging by the pool and barbecuing then on the 5th we went to a shrimp boil with the families of 3 friends who share my July 1st birthday.

Diva and I spent an entire day in our pjs watching movies and knitting last week.  I don't think we will have that same opportunity this week since canning season is in full swing.

Last week I had a 4lb. (sorry) 4 gallon box of blackberries to deal with and ultimately made freezer blackberry jam, blackberry & basil jam, blackberry syrup, and blackberry wine (that's what happens to fruit when I get tired of fooling with it.)

This week I have actually written out a schedule for my canning since it all seems to come thick and fast at once so I am trying to spread it out as best I can (no pun intended.)

This week we will be eating:

Sunday - Quesadillas & Fruit
Monday - Spicy Cauliflower Pasta & Arugula Salad
Tuesday - Mushroom Risotto & Greens
Wednesday - Fish Pie & Steamed Carrots
Thursday - Nicoise Salad
Friday - Dinner w/Friends
Saturday - Date Night

This is part of Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Sorry, I mean "I just love people that make weekly menus."

    1. Thanks! I do too. It's always interesting to see what people are eating.

  2. ha! I could have put away 4 lbs. of blackberries in a hurry- no canning or baking involved. Just give me a call next time. ;-)

  3. I'm sorry, I wrote 4lbs. when actually it was 4 GALLONS!!! It was tricky trying to use 1/2 a bushel of blackberries fast enough before they started molding or fermenting.

    1. 4 gallons is 20 lbs. I could handle that. Oh wait a minute- you said eating blackberries, not drinking coke. LOL, my bad! hehehe


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