Madly In Love

Diva is home from camp!!!!!

I miss her so much when she's gone.

Time moves more slowly and I drag about - getting far less done than if she were here.
I guess I don't feel a rush to get things done if she's not around.

Engineer commented that I got like this last year when she went to camp - mopey and blah.
Not much fun for him (sorry Engineer.)

When Diva came home, there was much rejoicing and great jubilation!

She asked me what I had done while she was at camp and I told her just moped around.

Diva looked me straight in the eye with all seriousness and asked, "Momma, what are you going to do when I go to college?"


1-4-3 DM!


  1. I just sent mine off to college. We are now empty nesters. It's a strange feeling knowing that she isn't coming back after a short visit but will be here for short visits.

    But, it makes me very glad that Jeff and I get along really well and haven't tried to throttle each other yet. :D

    1. It certainly does make things easier when you enjoy your spouse. :)

  2. Having my kids all out of the nest is a long time away, I am still dreading it though!

    1. It will definitely be an adjustment for all of us!


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