Kroger Deli Fried Chicken #spon

Just before we set out on a week long mission trip, I was trying to not have to buy groceries or cook much since I didn't want food hanging around in the fridge while we were gone.

So glad that BzzAgent and Kroger sent me coupons for free deli fried chicken and Kroger kettle chips to sample and review as it was dinner a couple of nights before we left and leftovers were consumed for lunch the next day.  I love it when stuff works out.

The lady behind the deli counter at Kroger was SUPER friendly and helpful but unfortunately, the chicken she gave me didn't excite.

It was a little dry and frankly, less flavorful than I would have liked.  

For the price, it wasn't too bad of a deal and if you are already at Kroger shopping for groceries then as a convenience item, it was okay.  At $12.99-$13.99 for 8 pieces of chicken, two hot sides, and a 4pk of King's Hawaiian rolls, it's far cheaper to buy deli fried chicken than dinner for your family at a fast food restaurant.

But that's about all I can say for the chicken, it was okay, not bad, not good, just okay.  
I tell you what though, just okay was alright with me since I didn't have to fix supper that night.

The Kroger brand kettle chips were quite good.  We tried the salt & pepper variety which was a perfect accompaniment to the fried chicken.

*I was sent coupons for free products by BzzAgent, all opinions and yummy looking fruit salad are my own.