Spring Hats 2013

Y'all ready to see what hats Diva & I have been sporting this Spring?  We had a mixture of old and new.

This was my Easter bonnet this year.  It is a fabulous color and I was so lucky to find a dress in the same exact color.  I love Dillard's and that's usually where I get my Easter bonnets.

From an estate sale where there was little else but this sweet little yellow and white floral beauty.

 This was a Christmas present from my parents this year and yes, it was brand new.

I found this one at CVS in their summer clearance at 90% off (when they still did 90% off.)

This was from an estate sale in beautiful condition.

This one was an estate sale find and Christmas present from my sweet friend Cricket.

This one was from a happy accident.  SuperMom & I were garage sale-ing and we stopped at what looked like a good one.  As it turned out, they were setting up and weren't starting until the following day but they let us look anyway.  I happened to ask if they had any hats and one lady said she did and would pull them out for the following day.  As it turned out, she a box full of vintage hats and she sold the box full to me for $5!  Engineer thinks it looks like a psychedelic conductor's hat.  

I think this little number came from an elderly lady at church.

My parents gave me this as a reminder of my roots when we lived in England.

Here's what Diva has been wearing:

This is part of WIWW.


  1. My favorite is the feather hat. Unfortunately with curly hair, hats just do not look right on me!!

    1. I like that one too although I am always a little partial to my Easter bonnets. :)


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